The art of Mina M.





Scarabaeidae 2


Melancolie copie






Vampire's Tears

Vampire’s Tears


Mina M. is an illustrator born in France. She has always drawn, as far as she can remember, but discovered Digital Art, photoshop and the tablet in 2008. Since, most of her works are made digitally even though she still uses traditional tools. Her favorite subjects are fantasy, tales and strange worlds she has built.



6 thoughts on “The art of Mina M.

  1. helene says:


  2. Tina Hall says:

    Thank you for the support Helene. Is always most appreciated. And thank you for being part of The Damned Book of Interviews. Is an honor.

  3. Barry Hunter says:

    Very Interesting and exceptional art. Has a magical look

  4. Ian Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Voyeur and commented:
    The fantasy, tales and strange worlds of French artist Mina M. mesmerize!

  5. AdriZ says:

    All are beautifull but I particularly love “Wonderland too” !

    Adrien (JP’s friend)

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