“Water and Trace Elements” by Jeff Santosuosso

Water and Trace Elements

My skull plates fused as sockets held
My eyes. My palette forged. A weld
Of bone secured my jaw. A full
Completed spine emerged to pull
And liberate my limbs. This one
Whole body’s templing had been done.

Bare-fisted power and aligned
Knuckles, first one, another, mine
To clutch the sky. My elbows, heels –
Protein in fingernails congealed
As bone as all my cells amassed
In human elegance. I fast
Found function; mission clear: to stand,
To rise, to walk and to command
All that I see, not appease;
Through body, life, through structure, peace.

My cells split, tore themselves and rent
Again. Mitotic frenzy bent
On consciousness. Demanding man,
I claimed myself as mine. I am.


Jeff Santosuosso is a business executive and poet who splits his time between Pensacola, FL and Dallas, TX. A member of the Dallas Poets Community and the Northwest Florida Literary Federation, Jeff has had poems appear in Avocet, Pif, Ilya’s Honey, RedRiverReview, RedFez, Extract(s), The Texas Poetry Calendar (2012), OVS, Clutching at Straws and other online and print publications. You can find him on Facebook.

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