“Lazarus’s Funeral” by Oshi Mi-chi

Lazarus’s Funeral

Here lies poor Lazarus
a man with friends in high places
who got given a second chance
and blew it.

The priest was pissed
didn’t believe
all that jazz about Laz
and blesséd reprieve.

Then it was time
to take your partner by the hand
and do the mud-sling
fling thing down in the hole
listening very carefully
not least the priest.

Me and a mourner
on the way back to the cars
black and
and long and
pearly with the rain we lit cigarettes.

The ghost gave up
trying my best
not to act too much
no show
like Ben Gazzara in Husbands.

How did he die this time
Natural causes
ass you call that comedian a coroner ?

Confucius says
before embarking
here I paraphrase
on compromising reality
better dig three graves.

Photo by Thomas Boivin

Photo by Thomas Boivin

Oshi Mi-chi is a poet with no formal training, precious little identity, almost always under pressure yet is not wholly lacking in grace.



One thought on ““Lazarus’s Funeral” by Oshi Mi-chi

  1. Paul Waters says:

    I liked this piece a lot; it is very appealing and intriguing even to such a poetry novice as myself. Great pic, too, at Proust’s grave no less, very cool.

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