The Art of Andrew Franck

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Andrew Franck (born Andreas Franck in the United States) is a philosopher, artist and author. As a visual artist, Franck works with oil,latex and carbon on paper, mixed media and encaustic. His catalog contains over two hundred works focusing on metamorphosis in plant life, alchemy and the rhythmical aspects of negative space. His series of action art, collage, word art and assemblages entitled Two In One Eye examines physical shape, language and the decay of the art object. Franck’s larger works have been exhibited at Centerpoint Gallery and Paralux in New York City, Basilica Industria and Albert Shahinian Fine Art in Hudson N.Y. and Jio in Montreal. The newest work, Reassembling, is comprised of sixty-four blackboard diagrams illustrating the holistic imagination of Goethean science. Franck’s writings include The Transparent Bride, The Art of Porosity, Mantras and Musical Solutions, The Alchemical Circus, Excoriated Light and The Holy Bodies Circuit, Dreaming The Luminous Frontier, A Book of Dances, The Painted Trout, As Above Inside Out BelowandButohmania. He currently resides in upstate New York.


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