“Walking Paths” by Millard C. Davis



Leaning down I followed a wisp
That left a trail no one could follow
Except in imagining what was there
And, even more, what was not.

Maybe you’ve been on such a trail,
Even wondered if it were left behind
Just for you to imagine upon,
If such be dreams by daylight, too.

If this is true, why come along
And see if we can find such a path
Has been laid out with us in mind
And is wide enough to take on two.

Millard C. Davis is a graduate of Middlebury College, Cornell University, and The University of Wisconsin. He has written The Near Woods (Knopf), Natural Pathways of New Jersey (Plexus), How to Read the Natural Landscape in Forests and Fields (National Science Teachers Association), and The Master Management Plan for the 38 Codified Natural Areas of New Jersey (New Jersey State government).


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