“To the Earlobe” by Robert Wooten


To the Ear Lobe

Like the rising sun
coming through waters
of open life, I hear
the dancers drawing near
and feel their inner strife.
Open books that lean and fall
open narrow doors, leave rootless
the sprouted man.
A simple thought, driven to climax,
takes a simple minute,
reclines to relax
and resolves the nicer cut.

Robert Wooten’s second chapbook, Famous Last Words, was a finalist for the Bright Hill Press Poetry Chapbook Prize.  He is a graduate of the MFA program at the University of Alabama (1998) and of the MA program at North Carolina State University (1994).  His poems have appeared in ‘Tis the Season: an anthology of Christmas poetryThe Southern Poetry AnthologyCommon Ground ReviewThe Pedestal Magazine,  Strong Verse, and others.

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