“Abditum” by Katherine Gethin


‘Dawn and Dusk’ by Alphonse Mucha (1899)




Woman of clouded glass
Bricks and boards can’t keep you out
Standing on the precipice
A wasteland, in white.

Falling along the edge
The jagged mist comes screaming
Inside outside inside
Your skin.

Where are the trees?
Wonder why they flit within the shadows;
What stains these boards
Where I walk a million miles?

The darkness on the stairs to Hell
Never hides the monsters
Never hides our intentions
Never keeps its promises.
She speaks wisdom; Listen well.


Katherine Gethin is a fiction editor and astrophysicist living in San Antonio, Texas. She has owned Evensong Editing since 2010. In addition to her editing, she has also ghostwritten 5 novels and is currently finishing her PhD in astrophysics.

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