An Interview with Misty Lee


Photo by Kevin McShane.

Misty Lee has worked as a voice actor appearing on games such as Grand Theft Auto V. Batman: Arkham City & Arkham Knight, Fallout 4, and Disney’s Infinity to name a few. She can also be found voicing Aunt May Parker in Ultimate Spider Man. She studied sketch and musical improv at The Second City in L.A. Her work as a magic led to her becoming the first female magician to hold a position as staff Séance Medium at Hollywood’s Magic Castle. She has also played Princess Leia in StarWars Battlefront.

What were you like as a child? What were some of your most fond memories from that time?

Chatty and imaginative, and relatives claim I often mooched food off their dinner plates. Haven’t really changed much. (smiles) Most of my fond memories involve spending time with my grandparents, who were tremendously supportive, vivacious and fun.

As someone who has dealt with domestic abuse within her own family what advice would you offer to others dealing with abuse in any form?

Although you may feel that you are stuck, you’re NOT.  Reach out – in secret if you have to – to someone you can trust, and plot your escape. The more clever you are about it and the more permanent you can make the break, the better your chances of success. Please – PLEASE – take care of yourself, your kids, and your pets, and get them AWAY from an abuser.  Forever. You (and they) deserve better.

What did it feel like to film the PSA Escape? Was it therapeutic to be able to show love to your mother in such a way? What would you say is the most important thing you learned from her?

The Escape short had been hogging up brain space for about four years before we shot it, so it was kind of a relief to get it going.  It wasn’t as therapeutic as it was a labor of love. Several very generous people came together to make it happen, and we all agreed that if it helped even one person… it was totally worth it.

The most important thing I learned from my mother is generosity in love. Haven’t approached anywhere NEAR her capacity for kindness, support and forgiveness, but her patience and dedication to those she adores is a constant inspiration. There’s a remarkable strength in being able to forgive but not forget. She has a tremendous ability to learn and help everyone move forward, so the family still loves each other but we don’t commit the same transgressions over and over. I admire her.

Do you think in today’s society it is more important than ever that girls learn to become strong women?

I think girls deserve to become strong women, and that it’s important PERIOD. It’s always been important, and will always be important. No matter how the world changes, the human race will not flourish without them.

What advice would you offer the women of today and tomorrow?

Find what you love, and do it.

What was it like to discover magic when you were 16?

 At 16, it was weird and almost embarrassing to perform it.

At 23, it was something I realized I could make money doing.

Now, I love it because of the freedom it provides.

Who do you consider to be some of the best magicians past and present?

 Best is VERY subjective, so here are two sub-categories for answers:

I like my magicians sneaky, fun, and presentational, with a theatrical flair and a whole lot of smart.

Favorites to watch:

Past:  Doug Henning, Richiardi, Jr.

Now: Teller, Derren Brown

Some contemporary magicians I consider both wonderful and IMPORTANT:

David Copperfield and Max Maven.

Please note:  There are at least 50 more names I would add to each of these lists.   I am keeping it to two to save you space.


Do you think the modern world needs more magic?

Yes. We live in an age where a tiny gadget in our hand can talk to space. Magic helps us remember that we aren’t superhuman and that the universe still works mysteries. It reminds us to/inspires wonder – and wonder inspires great things.

What it is like to be married to Paul Dini? What was it that first drew you to him?

Being married to Paul is like having a brilliant creative toddler around all the time.  It’s 10+ times a day of “Hey can I read you something?” or “Can I run this idea by you?” You’d think I’d be sick of it after all these years, but NO WAY. I admire his mind, and appreciate both it and the human it belongs to. (smiles)

Paul’s been through some serious shit – both good and bad – and because of it has a genuine, kind, and solid character. That’s pretty hard to find in general, and finding that in someone who’s also creative and fun is like hitting the jackpot. I am very, VERY lucky – and I know it.

Are you thankful to lead a life that allows you to always be creative in so many various ways?

 Every. Single. Day.

 Are there any little known things about you that your fans might be surprised to learn?

 I drink pickle juice sometimes. It was almost a dealbreaker for Dini. Don’t care. Still do it.

Do you have a dream project you’d most like to bring into being?

 It’s happening right now. It’ll be a while before it’s released, but we’re working on it – and I couldn’t be happier. (Does a celebratory dance)

What do you think is key to a life well lived?


Is there anything you’d like to say before you go?

Just: Thank you!


Photo by Kevin McShane.


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