A poem for those who need it by Becket


The narrow
chooses to love
I feel like hating.
The narrow way is the choice to trust
natural temptations
to fight to survive.
How narrow
this way of hope seems.
It is a supernatural
path to catch as my worries and fears
like untamable monsters
that whisper from the dark about death.
more life
lives after
this life is an unnatural
yet still I wear it like
old shoes.

This poem originally appeared in Pi Poems: for the one who needs them.

Becket is the assistant to New York Times bestselling author Anne Rice, with whom he co-created The Blood Vivicanti serial. He is also the author of four other books, as well as an instrumental music album. This is his first book of poems. Becket’s music and books can be found here:  www.becket.me.

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