An Interview with Enric Torres-Prat

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Enric Torres Prat is known for his lushly illustrated works of art. His work at Warren Publications has featured Vampirella, Tarzan, King Kong, Star Wars, and Star Trek just to name a few. His work has graced covers of various publications worldwide and spanned fantasy, science fiction, gothic horror, romance, and westerns.

Did you grow up in Barcelona? What do you love most about Spain? What was your childhood like?

Yes I was born and I actually live in Barcelona. I love my country, Spain, I like the color, the smell and the taste of it

Did you develop your love of art at an early age?

Yes, I guess ever since I can remember.


When did you first know you wanted to be painter?

I do not know the age, but I guess that happened as I got older.

What do you love most about creating on canvas?

Drawing the human figure, and most specially the female figure.


Why did the works of Rembrandt leave such a lasting impression on you?

The art of Rembrandt did not really leave any specific impression on me, or not a different one from the one left by the art of Velazquez or many others. In fact, this quote about the art of Rembrandt that is attributed to me comes out of a confusion, but it is not now the right time to talk about the confusion.

Is there a dream project you’d most like to bring into existence?

Yes indeed, I have projects ongoing, but I’d rather be discrete for the time being.


Do you have any one character you enjoy painting more than others or do you love them all equally?

Not in particular, my preferences are not related to the character itself but rather the environment, the composition, the color, the light, etc.

What led you to create your piece on James Dean? Are you a fan of his work?

On each of the trips to the United States I use to make, I always tried to bring with me some pieces of art to show it to the art directors of the companies I was visiting. For that particular occasion, I showed the piece to Leonar Leone, Art Director and VP of Bantam Books, and that was indeed a good choice. I’m not exactly a fan of James Dean, although I must admit he was a talented actor with an intriguing personality. Really interesting.


What is about the human body that makes it such a great subject to cover in art ?

Absolutely everything. I find everything about it really interesting.

What do you hope people take away from viewing your works?

I love that people like what I do. I hope and I wish that people that invest their time in my art can feel rewarded by it.


How have you changed most over the course of your lifetime?

There is no doubt that my art has changed over the years (I hope for good), as well as my lifestyle and the way I think. These things are strongly related, so they evolve together over time.

What do you think is key to a life well lived?

I wish I knew, in any case, trying to be a better person is at least a good vehicle to get there.


How do you hope to be remembered when your time comes?

As a good person, I mean, like my grandson calls me, “Avi ets un bon home,” which means, “Grandpa, you are a good man.”

Is there anything you’d like to say in closing?

Yes, I want to apologize, for my lack of smartness while trying to answer these questions.



3 thoughts on “An Interview with Enric Torres-Prat

  1. Jan Mihalus says:

    Art of Life. Art to be consistent over a many and miscelaneous pieces and time frames. Art of ballance of darkness and light in a man inner. Art of connection to heaven while not loosing earh under feet.

  2. Manual Torres says:

    Now please interview American publisher and writer Michael Friedlander who works so closely with enrich and sanjulian

  3. Jan Mihalus says:

    Please provide Friedlander’s contact. Thanks.

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