“Naked Chardonnay” by Alexandra Isacson

Naked Chardonnay

Before she slips off her silk

kimono, with paint- stained hands

he holds a wintered Russian sable

brush & slowly strokes her cheek

down to her throat.


Her body tenses & softens into

a winged opera of evening light.

His touch was like the supple brush

of a mink a lover had warmed her

with during a snow flurried walk

from The Lincoln Center to catch

a cab for dinner, drinks, & a hotel.


Now, sharing chardonnay,

she kisses his mouth & dark

stippled face. Casting off herself,

she disappears into canvases

charcoaled & crayoned in winter’s

dusk & other subdued nudes.

Naked Chardonnay was published in deconstructed forms & under the titles of No. 4: (The Elixir of Balance) in New World Writing (formerly The Mississippi Review) edited by Frederick Barthelme & Manhattan in Blink-Ink edited by Doug Mattewson.

Alexandra Isacson is an Arizona State graduate who lives and teaches in the Phoenix area. She is the author of the poetry chapbook written to honor the visual arts & humanities, Poetic Anthropologies, (Medulla Publishing, 2011). She is a Pushcart (2012, 2010) & Best of the Net Anthology (2009) nominee. Please Visit her at alexandraisacson.com

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