“I Haven’t Done with You” by Robert Patrick


I Haven’t Done with You


I haven’t done with you,

Nor after all that waiting.

It’s quarter after two,

And I’m recuperating.

You are the  choice I’ve made,

And that was just beginners

Though Pandarus parade

All his Olympic winners

In a row.


Don’t be so pitiful,

Disconsolate, downhearted.

You’re as desirable

As you were  when we started,

As delicately damp,

As downy, as delicious,

But even  Aladdin’s lamp

Could only grant three wishes

In a row.

Photo by Dylan Kenin

Photo by Dylan Kenin

Robert Patrick is an American playwright, poet, lyricist, and short-story writer and novelist. His latest books are A Strain of Laughter and Bitter with the Sweet. 

One thought on ““I Haven’t Done with You” by Robert Patrick

  1. Robert says:

    Your readers may find 2 books of my poetry available here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/search.ep?keyWords=robert+patrick&categoryId=100501

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