An interview with Georgina Flood


Irish native Georgina Flood is a self taught graphite artist. Her images of such iconic characters as the Beatles, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor and others reflect modern society’s fascination with fame and the glory days of Hollywood in a way uniquely her own.

Upcoming appearances include:

6.21 Long Island Picture Frame & Gallery, Oyster Bay, NY from 5-9 p.m
6.22 The Apple iStore by Essex, Paramus, NJ from 12-2 p.m
6.22 Talk of the Town A/V, Allendale, NJ from 3-5 p.m

What was it like growing up in Dublin? What do you love most about living there?

Growing up in Dublin has been good it is a nice city. The area of Dublin I live in is Crumlin, everyone knows each other and my daughter goes to the same school I did which is good…Family and friends are close by.

 Did you always feel drawn towards creative things?

Yes I did, as a child I use to see my dads drawings around the house and I always wanted to be like him so I began drawing.

 What first sparked your interest in art?

With the knowledge that my dad was very talented,  at 7  I won my very first art competition which started the passion to go further, I knew then that I had something.

Who were some of your earliest influences?

My dad of course and from an early age I have loved Salvador Dali and Van Gogh.

photo (9)

You have said George Harrison is the reason you do what you do. How did he impact you to follow your dreams?

George came into my life when I was about 9 or 10 years of age, I saw him on T.V singing “I Got My Mind Set On You” and there was something about him that I just loved. My mam and dad then told me that I was named after him which made me like him more… Then at about 20 years of age I was at a stage of not knowing what to do with my life I had lost the passion for art and had no job no direction, I was in the city centre one day and went into a music shop and the first thing I saw was his album “Live in Japan” I bought it straight away and when I listened to the songs they made me feel so good and then I decided I was going to draw him and finally I got my motivation back again… a couple of months later I had been accepted into all 4 colleges that I decided to apply too…
George brings out the best in me!

Were you surprised your piece “Love is Real” helped raised as much as it did for Yoko Ono’s charity City Meals on Wheels?

Yes very surprised but very happy that people liked it enough…I like to help out when I can and there are so many good causes out there it is very important to give back as I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to do any of this.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I like to spend time with my family, my daughter Mia and my husband Garry. They are so supportive which is great, they are so much fun. I feel at my most happiest when I am with them.

Does your daughter share your love of art?

Well Mia is 7 years of age and she does like to watch me draw and she loves doing art herself. She isn’t as into it as I am, but shes just a kid and is trying out lots of other things too, I’ll leave it up to her. Whatever her passion turns out to be I will support her 100%.

You have also covered Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor in your work. What do you admire most about such strong and dedicated women such as they?

I do admire these women. To follow their dreams with such restrictions as there were back then must have been hard, but they persevered and their success is something women today can aspire to.

What advice would you offer the women of tomorrow?

Just to never let anyone tell you that you cannot achieve what you want in life ! Follow your passion, work hard, believe in yourself and enjoy every moment.

photo (11)

You have also presented your work to Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney is aware of it as well. Do you ever find yourself amazed at that?

Very amazed ! I do like to take chances and if I didn’t well none of these fab things would ever have happened

Have you ever got to meet any of them in person?

No unfortunately not, Ringo did speak to my while he was on stage and thanked me for the portrait and asked me to take a bow… thats about it (laughs). I do wish I could have met George, just to say thankyou for being my inspiration.

What is it about the Beatles that make them so timeless?

I find they reach every generation. It is fantastic to see lots of children at the Beatle fests that I attend.  It shows how their music never ages.

Do you have a dream project that you would most like to accomplish before you die?

At the moment I’m working on so many projects drawing, designing, everyday I have so many new ideas. Today I could say one thing and tomorrow I’ll have another thing. I try to think about today… tomorrow hasnt happened yet.

What projects can your fans look forward to next?

Im working on a very large piece of all 4 Beatles which is entilted Evolver it is kind of my tribute to Revolver. Its a large piece and is taking a long time because I just work with pencil but I hope it will become my best piece. I am  also designing a lot of new products and I have some shows coming up in America next week. You can go to my website to keep up with all the latest news

Anything to say before you go?

Just that I feel very lucky for all the opportunities that I have been given and thanks to everyone who has supported me by watching my work since I started posting on facebook 3 years ago… I have a lot more to give…Watch this space.

For more examples of her work please also see: The art of Georgina Flood

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