“My Darling Rodin” by Clarissa Jakobsons

My Darling Rodin

The beech trees
sprout a single leaf.
It has been so long,
I torment over
the feather
that cannot fly
locked inside
my sculpture, “Sakountala, the Kiss”.

You dangle the key.
Speak! I grow mad.

( This poem is from Jakobsons’  forthcoming chapbook, Camille Claudel; Montdevergue Asylum. Camille was Rodin’s student, model, lover, and an accomplished artist of her own right. Her brother, Paul Claudel, the famous French poet and diplomat, and mother, confined her at Montdevergue Asylum for thirty years, until death.

Camille Claudel

Camille Claudel

Artist, poet, and instructor, twice featured poet at the Shakespeare and Co. Bookstore, in Paris, and first place winner at the Akron Art Museum 2005 New Words Competition. Sample publications include: Glint Literary Journal, Hawaii Pacific Review, Ruminate, Qarrtsiluni, The Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine. Her paintings and one-of-a kind artistic books are nationally exhibited including at the Cleveland Museum of Art Ingalls Library. Don’t be surprised to see her inner artist kicking sandcastles, climbing Mount Diablo, painting Provincetown dunes, or walking under an Ohio crescent moon.

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