” A Beautiful Disease” by Miles Chaney

A beautiful disease. Left here to abandon. Dumb, deaf and blind. The only thing is beauty. The beauty of the sun, the stars and the pale gloom of the moon. The damned walk with us only because we are us. Happiness is an entity long out lived. A mystical creature that rarely shows its face. Put here to torment. Put here to smile with false comings. Never the less, we are born to believe. Born to pursue. Set up for failure with our first breath. Only to open our eyes to deceit. Death will follow. But like everything, it can only be longed for when you need it the most.

Life isn’t about being happy. There is an important lesson that only the so called “happy” ones have paved. Life is about being proud of what you have accomplished through you own blood, sweat and tears. Life is no fairy tale. If you let it, it will take hold and watch you sink to the very depths of your own apathy.

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