“And Flight will be Normal as Walking” by Alex S. Johnson

And Flight will be Normal as Walking

the blood that shoots forth
shower of angels in a blast of gold
opening the seal of sobriety

a bottle of black stallions
ink jet gods whistling soul music
the numb struts fall apart

laughter jets from the careful chamber
where teas are a solemn symphony
the rites of spring impaled on hot steel
boundaries snagged in balloon of sky

the spirit is a spiral beast
magnified the eyes of the ordained
kole smudges, dress of vapors
armada of burning souls

chanting for more
than stacks of biblical death

dressed for desire not your
mystery funeral of the flesh

outside in the ruins
angels assemble
their permanent wings

and flight will be normal as walking.


Alex S. Johnson resides in Northern California, where he teaches college composition. His books include The Death Jazz, Black Tongues of the Illuminati, Doctor Flesh, and The Doom Hippies. He also publishes and edits The Shwibly magazine.

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