The Art of Peter Zokosky







"Harish, Lord of the Monkeys"

“Harish, Lord of the Monkeys”

"The Three Graces"

“The Three Graces”

"Momento Mori"

“Momento Mori”



"A Small Clearing"

“A Small Clearing”

"Ape & Model"

“Ape & Model”

"Cypress & Lotus"

“Cypress & Lotus”

Peter Zokosky is an artist whose paintings are stunning in detail and rich in feeling. His works have appeared in countless exhibitions, books, and collections both private and public. A master at portraying anatomy, he has studied it up close in the way of Leonardo Da Vinci and brings it back to life on canvas. For more information on his works please see: and stay tuned to The Original Van Gogh’s Ear Anthology for an interview with the man behind the work.

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