“Innocence” by Eric May



As I wake up from my dream

I walk into a world of misery

Blinded souls, lost pages

It seems that this was a big mistake

The media preaches filth and destruction

Violence portrayed on the TV screen

Those with the faith simply shun it away

Until they arrive to church that following Sunday

Hey there friend, did you see the game

It’s okay, put that black book away

Humans care the less for their own religions

Everyone likes to party the day before

They’ll sin and sin again

Such a sweet taste, that a Sunday service couldn’t take away

Sinning is in our nature

It’s so hard to turn away

Can you hear the sedated when they pray

Look at the beauty

Why, she’s so lovely

I wish that I could make her mine

Look at her on the TV

With her breasts so perky

My own wife means nothing to me

She’s nothing like this goddess on the TV

Children’s minds are changing all of the time

I can only wait until this species truly ends

Our government is more corrupt than most criminals

It’s a nightmare that I’ll never wake from

An eternal pain


Eric May has always been a strange one, but finally having the freedom to create his own worlds through writing might have been one of the worst things to ever happen in the entirety of the multiverse. The landscapes that he creates are sure to entertain, mystify and question the logic of readers, who seem to have been babied by the novel industry of late. It has now become an industry quite like today’s movie industry, that has been catering books and films that are more or less rehashes of what they’ve already read or seen before.

He also doesn’t mind making them laugh for long periods of time. “Laughter is the best medicine” as they say. Eric still lives on a cattle farm (that isn’t even his) smack dab in the middle of nowhere, in Arkansas. He lives unmarried, with no children and plenty of animals. As for the prospect of love… Well, we won’t even go there. But rest assured, you’ll see plenty more of his insanely interesting tales to come in the future.

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