“The House in Straight Jacket” by Kushal Poddar

The House in Straight Jacket

Some yellow tapes fence our houses.
You can perceive the same thing as a tragedy
or as a treasure.

Again the knives flew in the air today.
in future we should use words only on the vegetables.

Now I hold a compass on my salty palm.
The softness of four directions
baffle its pointer.

And I walk round and round the house,
stumble on the stones and dead squirrels.
How do you enter inside a building wearing a straight jacket?

A native of Kolkata, India, Kushal Poddar writes poetry, fiction and scripts for television mini-series and is published worldwide. He is the author of All Our Fictional Dreams and has been published in Poor Poet’s Pantry: Collaborative Poems. His forthcoming books are Surviving Cyber Life and Five Rivers.

One thought on ““The House in Straight Jacket” by Kushal Poddar

  1. Maggie Mae says:

    Excellent piece my friend!! Terrific, Kushal!

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