“Chorus After Chorus” by Colin Dardis

Chorus After Chorus

There’s a reunion of the flesh, a handshake,
re-entry, a comfortable extension of eye contact
between two stations, both tuned into the same beat,
broadcasting solely to each other. Blindfold off,
headphones on; surrounded by sound,
marooned together in an old fashion, happy to repeat.

We don’t want this song to end, adding codas,
sitting down to craft new verses to a melody
easily hummed; taking a pact to forever
bell out the choruses. May every chorus surge
and resurge the blood as our calling
to revel in the days we own together.
for we can never own time, but we can possess
the echoes of energy spent passing time in union.


Colin Dardis resides in Northern Ireland, where he currently edits the poetry journal FourXFour, and is the host of Purely Poetry, a monthly open mic poetry night in the Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast. He is also a member of the performance group,Voica Versa. 

Previously, Colin has been a co-ordinator of open mic night Make Yourself Heard, editor of Speech Therapy zine, and has worked as a Poet In Motion for the New Belfast Community Arts Initiative. His poetry has been published extensively in
journals, anthologies and website throughout the UK, Ireland and the US. Check out Colin’s website at: http://lowlightsforlowlifes.weebly.com

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