“Tapping a Song Out with His Foot” by Tim J. Brennan

Tapping a Song Out with His Foot

He lives in a trailer
on a gravel road
with a number
for a name;
he drives a semi-,
hauls things city folks
simply take for granted

He don’t think much,
just knows things others don’t
know they need to know;
he slides hairy legs
into faded jeans; his woman
does loads of laundry
every Saturday

His top two buttons
are unbuttoned
before he comes home;
he sits in a Lazy Boy, drinks
American beer; he’s versatile;
he’d like to have his own theme
song, but life just won’t let him
so he just taps out a song
with his foot

Tim J. Brennan writes from southern MN. His poems can be found in Whispering Shade, Talking Stick, The Green Blade, and many other nice places. Brennan’s short plays have been produced widely, including performances in NYC, San Diego, and Bloomington, IL.

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