“My Valediction” by Phillip Larrea

My Valediction

“We are NOT at the crossroads of life…”

So, in truth, my valediction began.

Not quite the speech the Administration had planned.


In fact, I should- would- have been expelled days ago,

For putting my drunken fist through the bathroom stall,

Except that the stoned-in-class president was already gone.


Which is how I came to stand for the best

This small country had to offer. My last words were,

“Farewell. I hope I never see most of you again.”


Thus I took my leave, severed ties, declared independence.

“A speech they will not forget.” I thought. But they did.

That fist mark though, remains to this very day.


I know it is so, because we reunited years later.

Bald chums all made jolly with, “hullo, how have you been?”

And, “What did you become? A leader of men, I bet.”


“Oh, no,” I incline my head with acquired humility,

“Upon sober reflection, I thought it best, in truth

To drink, clench my fists, and punch holes in bathroom stalls.”


photo by Berns photography

Phillip Larrea is a syndicated columnist and wealth adviser in Sacramento,CA. In 2012, Phillip’s poems were published in 30 journals and anthologies including Outburst Magazine, The Poetry Bus Magazine and thefirstcut #7 (U.K.), as well as Nazar Look (Romania). In the U.S., Phillip has been published in The Decade Review, Rusty Nail, and the Brooklyn Voice, to name a few. He has two books scheduled for release in 2013; Our Patch (Writing Knights Press) published January 05, and We, the People (Cold River Press) in the spring.

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