“The War at Night” by Sean Spillane


The War at Night

You’re not who you say you are
but that doesn’t matter to me.
I’m not who I say I am
that’s why you’re perfect for me.
Behind your battlements
an army of one presents
a plan of attack to slay
a hero we all betray.
Can’t you see the humor in it all?
I’m only here to watch you fall.
So wicked am I.
And you could lie to me always and constantly
I’ll tear them all apart to match your wounded heart.
Cant you see the humor in it all?
I’m only here to watch you fall.
So wicked am I.


Sean Spillane first gained notice from his time in the critically acclaimed band ARLO. His career in music has led to various national and international tours and four full length albums. With work that spans genres Spillane makes music with a genuine touch of soul that is hard to find. Most recently Sean composed and recorded the delightfully edgy soundtrack for the film The Woman (based on the writing of Jack Ketchum and directed by Lucky McKee). He also released the 80’s inspired soundtrack to Brian Keene’s Ghoul. He also scored the soundtrack for Jug Face.

(While we normally do not post song lyrics, this one is one I hold very dear. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. Thank you kindly ~Tina)

2 thoughts on ““The War at Night” by Sean Spillane

  1. Thanks Tina Hall, I love the movie “The Women” I didnt know he was the one who was repsonsible for the songs in that movie, I would love that soundtrack!

    • Tina Hall says:

      You can find at Amazon;) And thank you Ebony. I truly do think he does the best music out there these days…just an opinion but…if you haven’t checked out the entire soundtrack please do?! Every song on it is damn nice.

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