“Autumn” by Graham Masterton


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Wiescka Masterton

The leaves are flying off the trees, red and yellow
And here I am Poland again, among the mountains
Alone in my hotel room
Listening to the wedding music beneath me in the ballroom.
Laughter, and singing

I went to a wedding once
and it was mine

Or ours, I should say
But she has gone now, gone forever
And while the music thumps beneath me in the ballroom
The bed beside me is empty
Just as the seat beside me on the plane was unoccupied
And the chair next to me in the restaurant this morning
Where I ate smoked fish and eggs for breakfast
was vacant

I come here to Poland
because my heart is here, and always will be
It is the closest I can get to the love that I have lost
Her ghost is here; if she is anywhere

As autumn falls, and the leaves fly off the trees, yellow and red
And the evening air grows chilly
I can almost hear her laughing, as I cross the market square in Bielsko
To stand by the fountain of the children turned to stone

The children, turned to stone.

And then, in the gloomy cathedral
As a choir sings high and sweet
Alleluia in Polish
I light a candle for her;
As she lit candles for her father once
And all those friends who left us; as she has now left me

As I light it, the portrait of Christ looks down at me with infinite tenderness

with infinite tenderness.

But, why should I need tenderness?
What good is tenderness?
I need only to sleep when the wedding party at last falls silent
And sleep; and then wake up
To find that she is lying here beside me, still alive
And that she turns to me the way she always did and smiles

Tomorrow, though, I know that she will still be gone
And I will have to leave Poland behind me
And her, too, if this is where she is

My only consolation is that I know where to find her ghost, if she is anywhere
In Warsaw, in Poznań, in Kraków, on an autumn day
Or in Bielsko, in the mountains, as the red and yellow leaves fly off the trees

But now the wedding music stops,
and silence falls

Except for one last freight train clattering through the night, and a woman laughing

If only she knew, this woman
If only she knew, laughing, what grief that those who loved her will one day feel
the day she dies

Graham and Wiescka Masterton

Graham and Wiescka Masterton-


Graham Masterton is a well known horror writer in Europe. He has also worked as the editor the British edition of Penthouse. Not one to be limited to any one genre of work he has countless novels and short stories on a very wide array of subjects from, thrillers, horror (including horror books for children), and historical fiction, to his sex instruction books, his work is sure to appeal to a even wider range of fans. He works impressively well with some of his works being penned in a week. Grahams work can also be found as a regular contributor to Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, Woman, Woman’s Own and other mass-market self-improvement magazines.


(This poem was written for Wiescka Masterton and is previously unpublished, it is part of an interview with Mr. Masterton that will appear shortly over at TheDamnedInterviews.com . It was so sincerely full of love and devotion that I had to share it with all of you here as well. My deepest thanks to Graham for taking the time to do the interview and for sharing this poem as well. ~Tina)


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