“Inescapeable” by Pansy Maurer-Alvarez


I have selected this edgeland because it is lucid still, despite its troubles, its singing down of the human heart. Antony & Cleopatra and all that. Here a design seducer oversteps souls, voluptuous lips, eels and irises, dismisses the overriding assessment of light bare feet. The horizontal manners of the ribcage are self-induced and dependent on the weight of attributes (such as a fiery color) to cure the opposite heart-shaped lily. Fierce hairy leaves are aimed at masculine positions of age and dress; the whole tumbling jungle gets thrown. A damaging Spanish gardenia materializes and, for personal reasons, a curtsey flitters open your kiss.

The west wind turns delicate, elsewhere emotion intervenes with its immobile grip and we face the intrusion with confidence and feudal abruptness.

What rhythmic splendor we borrowed from the cramped space of the infuriated opera, its breath a perpetual restringing of untied phrases. We rubbed the cherished prolific with serious insight. Our static experience, veined and polished, now comes stuttering from hips and nerves; meanwhile Venus, pliant, clothes antiquity with insouciance.


Pansy Maurer-Alvarez was born in Puerto Rico, grew up in Pennsylvania and has lived in Europe since 1973. Her poems have appeared in several anthologies and many magazines throughout Europe and the States, including Van Gogh’s Ear: Volume 2. Her collections are: Dolores: The Alpine Years and When the Body Says It’s Leaving(both from Hanging Loose Press, Brooklyn); Lovers Eternally Nearing (from Editions Thomas Howeg, Zurich) and Ant Small and Amorous (from corrupt press,Paris).

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