“Natural Love” by Mary Lou Newmark

Natural Love

Natural Love does not ask you to be perfect
Natural Love asks you only to look on another with kindness
To look through the eyes of an osprey catching fish, or a bear in sleepy preparation for hibernation, or to wait with the lodge-pole pine for fifty years for a fire hot enough to release its seeds to the earth

Natural Love does not ask you to be right
Natural Love asks only that you release your clutching hands around the throat of your life and open your fingers to let go of regret and disappointment
To smile like the wolves of your dreams running across the desert past the skeletons of worry and not good enough

Natural Love does not ask you to win
Natural Love asks you only to see with your heart, softly,
with the moonlight in your hair and dandelions at your feet

© Mary Lou Newmark 2011

Mary Lou Newmark is an electric violinist, composer, and poet living in Los Angeles, California. As an artist of both music and words, Ms. Newmark continues to expand her creativity to include works for theater that combine the performing arts to explore social issues. Although a published poet, Mary Lou’s poems are most often experienced aurally as part of her music compositions and theater works. She has also collaborated with other musicians as a lyricist and spoken word artist. The Los Angeles Times described her as “Laurie Anderson on a good hair day, but aiming more at emotions than intellect.”
For more information, videos, poetry and music visit her website: http://www.greenangelmusic.com

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