“Beethoven’s Last Words” by Wanda VanHoy Smith

Beethoven’s Last Words

Ludwig Van Beethoven’s final words are said
to be, “I shall hear in Heaven.”
I envy the famous composer his faith
I hope Heaven resounds with the famous musicians
great works and we all hear his symphonies clearly.
Not merely the loudest notes.
Beethoven’s hearing was failing at the time
he composed his third, fifth and ninth symphony.
His gradual loss of some tones must have been so
frustrating and frightening he felt like drinking a fifth.
I know it does me.
Words and sounds make life worth living for writers.
The roar of the ocean in a conch shell, rain on the roof,
voice of a lover, purr of a cat, can only be heard not seen.
Musicians and poets will die for a good hearing device.
A small bud in the ear, comfortable, affordable and
up to date as cell phones that do everything except cook.
So far no hearing device has been created by man
that is a Miracle Ear.
No matter what bureaucrats say the FDA is not God.
I long to hear Ludwig whisper in my ear,
“You’re in Heaven, you can hear.”

Wanda VanHoy Smith started her long journey in Portland Oregon, Took her passion for literature with her to California and picked up a sailor on the way to L.A. A son and daughter climb on board with them. Wanda walks a path paved with words and stories that fill her brain and come out her finger tips. She passes her children along the way. She doesn’t know what to answer when they ask“Are we there yet?” She pulls up weed words and picks poetry along the trail. Some land in round files in editor’s. offices. Her poetry dives into anthologies like Poeticdiversity, Valley Contemporary poets, San Gabriel VPQ, and several others. Recently her poems are included in RKVS an e-book in Canada…She is featured in venues like Beyond Baroque, the San Pedro library, and The Alibi cafe. She is a member of Redondo poets who host a weekly reading at Coffee Cartel. Her out of print book for young readers published by Scribners is a collector’s item offered on Amazon.

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