“Dolphin” by Rebecca Foust


deep in the cove moves the curve
of a dolphin,

her calf by her side somewhere
in time

you and I moved like that

what matter that you my son then
my daughter

now on the beach the bony beak
and basket

of a rib cage that could belong

equally to a teenage boy or girl
ends in a fluke

all that remains these remains and
soon after the high tide

even these will be gone

Rebecca Foust was born in Blair County Pennsylvania, known for both its pristine alpine beauty and that beauty’s despoiling by the strip mining, railroad and fabric mill industries. After practicing criminal law and working as an advocate for children with autism, Foust earned her MFA in poetry from Warren Wilson College. God, Seed won the 2011 Foreword Book of the Year Award. And All That Gorgeous Pitiless Song won the Many Mountains Moving Book Prize and was a finalist for the 2012 Poet’s and Paterson Prizes. Recent poems are in Hudson Review, JAMA, Notre Dame Review, Sewanee Review, Woman’s Review of Books and elsewhere.


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