Submission Guidelines

Founded by Ian Ayres, Van Gogh’s Ear: Best World Poetry, Prose & Art is an annual anthology series devoted to publishing powerful works by major voices and imaginative new talents from around the globe. The goal of Van Gogh’s Ear is to make each volume a real eye-opener that stirs people’s emotions and challenges their perceptions. Experimental work is warmly embraced. Taboos extremely encouraged. The more daring, the better. “TRUTH” is the key. Without affiliation with any specific movements or schools of poetry/prose/art, we seek only to publish the most innovative works of creativity. We’re open to each and every creative person from anywhere, meaning we’re open to everything! We never limit anyone in any way whatsoever. We believe that by limiting others, we’d be limiting ourselves. Therefore, we equally embrace work that shows mastery of versification alongside work inspired by Rimbaud’s “derangement of all the senses.” We not only encourage the exploration of every possible approach to poetry, creative writing and ALL forms of art (tattoos, graffiti, videos, piercings, penetrations, etc), but going beyond anything yet imagined. And we embrace all poets, writers and artists of every kind who haven’t dared publish before. Being published isn’t as important as the work itself. As for interviews, we’re fascinated by the lives of creative people and/or unusual life experiences. Please do let us know if you’d like to be interviewed for this upcoming volume. Submissions should be accompanied by permission to publish what you share in Van Gogh’s Ear, a brief bio of up to 120 words, and photos are appreciated. Submit up to 6 poems or 2 prose pieces or several works of art at a time. Poem length shouldn’t be more than 165 lines and prose length no more than 1,500 words. Previously published work is okay if awesome.
 Same for simultaneous submissions. The Ides of March is the submission deadline. All selections will also appear on The Original Van Gogh’s Ear Anthology site. As of Fall 2016 we no longer offer the annual volume, but we do intend to keep the site going as long as possible in an effort to encourage and promote creativity in all forms. A friendly cover note of introduction is always appreciated. Please send submissions or any questions to Tina Ayres at

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Ian Ayres at the grave of Vincent van Gogh

5 thoughts on “Submission Guidelines

  1. eikenlaan says:

    Love Van Gogh and will send you some writing and even some art if that’s okay. Maire (Ireland)

  2. Lori Hill says:

    love this very nice

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 Same for simultaneous submissions. The Ides of March is the submission deadline. All selections will also appear on The Original Van Gogh’s Ear Anthology site.”) […]

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