Van Gogh’s Ear Volume 10: The James Dean Tribute Edition (Edited by Tina Faye Ayres)

Tina Faye Ayres (Wood Nymph Press)

The James Dean Tribute Edition


Published by Wood Nymph Press 

Van Gogh's Ear 10 (by Tina Ayres)

Cover art by Fred Larucci

Founded by Ian Ayres and inspired by Allen Ginsberg, Van Gogh’s Ear: Best World Poetry, Prose & Art is an annual anthology series devoted to publishing powerful works by major voices and innovative new talents from around the globe. The goal of Van Gogh’s Ear is to make each volume a real eye-opener that stirs people’s emotions and ignites their imaginations. Experimental work is warmly embraced. The tenth volume of the series, in honor of the 60th Anniversary of his death and his 85th birthday on February 8, 2016, also humbly offers up a section dedicated with the sincerest of admiration and gratitude to James Dean. The section features interviews with Lew Bracker, Brenda Hayes, Jim Hayes, Val Holley, Mark Kinnaman, Cody Mullins, David Nall, Roy “Oily” Phillips, Denn Pietro, Lee Raskin, Steve Rowland, Grant County’s own local filmmaker Michael Mathias, and Charles Paul Waters, as well as artworks from Demetrie Kabbaz,Chris Burns, John Gilmore, Fred Larucci, Paul Lovering, Matt Pecson, Enric Torres-Prat, Andrew Read, and Brian Tones. Featuring a poem by A.D Winans as well as a note from the editor and a foreword from filmmaker/creator of Van Gogh’s Ear, Ian Ayres.

In this volume you will find:

POETRY BY : Linda D. Addison, Mike Allen, Ian Ayres, Kimberly Biggers, Heath Brougher, Stephen Byrne, Michael Ceraolo, Daulton Dickey, Julie A. Dickson, Laura Eklund, Jennifer Firestone, Skip Fox, Howie Good, John Grey, Krikor N. Der Hohannesian, A.J. Huffman, Kit Kennedy, Antonia Alexandra Klimenko, Linda Lerner, Thomas Ligotti, Mamta Madhavan, Maria Masington, Elizabeth Massie, Kevin McLellan, Richard King Perkins II, Judith Skillman, Peter Stahl, Paul Tristram, Phillip Ward, A.D. Winans, Michael Xavier, Ali Znaidi

ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY: Tom Bagshaw, Frederick Cooper, Teresa Elliott, Luke Hillestad, Fabio Interra, Fred Larucci, Scott Murphy, Kazuhiro Tsuji, Chie Yoshii

INTERVIEWS FEATURING: Mike Adkins, Mike Bailey, Becket, Courtney Bingham, Frances Callier & Angela V. Shelton, Debra Christofferson, Peter Cornell, Richard Fortus, Derek Frey, Toby Froud, Wendy Froud, Sean Gunn, Tracii Guns, Bart Harris, Ronnie King & Jack Grisham, Fred Larucci, David Lloyd, Jonathan Maberry, Michael O’Keefe, Robert Parigi, Anne Rice, Scott Schwartz, Ralph Stanley, Alice Stuart, Jeremy Sumpter, Kazuhiro Tsuji, Ann Walker

FEATURING THE QUICK DRAW CHARACTER INTERVIEWS: Eli Brocius (Nick Brown), Livinia Webb Dunlop Doe (Tasha Ames), John Henry Hoyle (John Lehr), Vernon Shank (Bob Clendenin), Pearl Starr (Alexia Dox), Clay Tidwell (David Hoffman), Wanda (Kate Frisbee), Ephraim Younger (Michael Anastasia)

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VGE 10 (James Dean Tribute) review by Benjamin Blake

“Now Will You Let Me Go?” by Kimberly Biggers

Kimberly Biggers

Kimberly Biggers


I got pulled over because I guess I wasn’t flying right—

Uh, oops, I mean driving right—

And the man with the badge blinds me with his flashlight

“Why are your eyes so dilated?” he asks

And I say, “Because I just had a strong cup of coffee.”

Then he checks my pulse and wants to know why

my pulse rate is so high

“Because you’re so cute, officer,” I reply

He laughs and I’m positive he’s going to let me go

But then he says, “What is that on your nose?”

With his flashlight, making me hold my head back,

He looks up my nose

And I say, “It’s flour, from cooking all day.

I sneezed and the flour went up my nose.”

And he laughs

So I say, “Now will you let me go?”

But he says, “No.

We have some more tests to go.”

“Okay,” he tells me, “I want you to stand with both feet together,

Tilt your head back as far as it will go

And touch the tip of your nose with both fingers—

For no longer than thirty seconds.”

I say, “Yeah, I can do that.”

I thought the real test was one of equilibrium

Yeah, that’s what I thought it was

But the real test was doing it in no longer than thirty seconds—

Even if after five minutes I’m so proud of myself

Because I finally did it

And I say, “Look, I did it!”

And they’re looking at me all right

And that’s when it hits me like a ton of bricks

Because after five minutes of not falling over

And getting both fingers to touch the tip of my nose

There are a bunch of cop cars here that weren’t here before

And I say, “Oh-oh, here we go.

The real test was supposed to be one of listening

And doing it no longer than thirty seconds, huh?”

“Uh-huh,” he says—and whips out a pair of silver bracelets

“Oh, no, officer,” I say, “I prefer gold

And, by the way, I sure like your nightstick.”

All the cops bust up laughing

And he says, “We got a comedian here.”

So I say, “Now will you let me go?”

And he says, “Oh, no,

Now it’s time to go—

Put your hands behind your back.”