“Before the Beginning” by Megan Mealor


Before the Beginning

God without Eve:
watercolor wanderlust
a blizzard stoked with stones

She smoothed in
vicious strokes of sea
lit reclusive hillsides
with bellflowers and begonias
etched herself at awestruck angles
tangled Adam’s warring bones
climbed and climbed forbidden skies
slept forgotten in the mosses

Serpents sweetened and riddled
deafening star-stunned sparrows
left unfeathered, undefined

Previously published in Liquid Imagination, November 2017

Megan Mealor is a two-time Pushcart Prize nominee, her work has been featured widely in numerous journals, most recently Really System, The Opiate, Fowl Feathered Review, The Lake, The Mystic Blue Review, and streetcake. Her debut poetry collection, Bipolar Lexicon, is forthcoming in October from Unsolicited Press. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder in her teens, her main mission is to inspire others stigmatized for their mental health.

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