” A Tiny Pure Spark of Light” by Leon van Waas


A Tiny Pure Spark of Light

When I was born I was struck by life,
meant to stay.
Later on I realized it brought me my very own way to play.
Being on the run I became best friends with the devil and danger, all over the place.
And in this bad dream I got a message: It would be over in about a five thousand days

Only the nights were all cold and I almost froze to death.
But right on time God sent you to rescue me,
with the warmth of your breath.
I couldn’t hardly believe such an angel was standing in front of me.
And she took away all my questions, sweetly saying, “This is meant to be.”

This was the truth.
And I did no longer believe in my friends lies, because now I could see for the first time in my life,
with these new given eyes

The next day we made the longest walk along the shore, talking and laughing for hours,
until we couldn’t walk anymore.
And I said to her, “You are the finest one I have ever seen.”
Inspiring all along.
That’s why I wrote you this poem.
The next one will be a song …


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