“I Dreamed of John Gilmore” by Tina Faye Ayres

John Gilmore (photo by Ian Ayres)

John Gilmore (photo by Ian Ayres)


I dreamed of John Gilmore

last night

John had left a journal

mentioned Ian and me

we were reading it

out in the woods

there was something about

a tree it fell

to the ground

I was making it

into smaller pieces

saving every scrap

because I was building

a house out of it

it was a nice dream

had a wonderful feel

and in it

I actually knew

how to build a house

I admire people

that can do that

it has always amazed me

what people can do


I miss John

I’d been worried

so long

at one point

he had taken to

telling me

he wasn’t well

but he wasn’t

gone yet!


I love him

there aren’t many

people in the world

I am close to

an odd day

felt like something

touching my shoulder

for about an hour

which is new to me

can’t remember

the last time

I got to feel

what it is like

to be touched

ghosts are strange

seems like if you tell them

to go away

they do

evening rides

would be wonderful

right now

it is just me

and the animals

and the fog

I’ve lived far longer

than I was supposed to

I don’t think I have

any business, really

in this life thing

but I am here

till I am not


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