An Interview with Patrick Commecy

Sras Kisses le ;mur après

French artist Patrick Commecy works alongside his team of muralists to produce some of the most beautiful hyper realistic murals in the world.


Fraize détail 2

What were you like as a child? What are some of your most fond memories from that time?

I grew in Africa until my 18th year.(Cameroun).


Adissan détail 1.jpg

Did you possess a love of art early on or did that come along later?

It flourished when I came back to France.

Arbre aux opiseaux le mur avant

Arbre aux Oiseaux

What does it feel like to bring more color and beauty to ordinary buildings?

It is a real pleasure to see and to hear inhabitants are happy with it.

Café Reynaud mur ouest

Café Rynaud ensemble angle

Do you think art and architecture compliment each other nicely?

Yes, because I try every time to design fake architecture with the model of what exists around the wall.

Charlot et le Kid .jpg

What is the most challenging thing you face in producing your murals?

A 5 kilometers mural, composed with 250 paintings, painted during only 6 months (see

Cinéma Cannes le mur après


What do you love most about being an artist?


La Liberté guidant le Peuple détail 1.jpg

La Liberté guidant le Peuple détail 2.jpg

What do you hope others take away from your work?

Identity and proudness.

De temps en temps

De temps en temps détail du bas

De temps en temps détail

Do you have a dream project you’d most like to bring into existence?

To be a musician, but I never learned any instrument or solfege…(hear my very first beginning on  It’s in English !)


What do you think is the one thing the world needs more of at this particular point in time?

Education. No Religion.

Jean Moulin

Jean Moulin détail

What are your personal feelings on life and death? Do you find it somewhat comforting to be able to leave behind pieces of work that will be here long after you are gone?

Nothing steels a long time after death: murals are éphémères, like life! I And I like it like that because speculation on murals is impossible! (opposite to galleries and collectors art)

Juliette et les Esprit

Juliette et les Esprits détail chiens

What do you think is key to a life well lived?

Love, of course. What else?

Marseille Tramway

Marseille Tramway détail 2

Marseille Tramway détail 1

Anything you’d like to say in closing?


L Arlésienne bar 1

Romeo et Juliette plan rapproché

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