“Lively Decadence” by Joe Randazzo



Lively Decadence

You’ll never feel the buzzards pluck your eyes and for this, you must live wild.
Live decadent.
Live free.
Have the lord above shudder.
Force creativity from your parents and have them lie about the life you’ve demolished to the neighbors.
All doctors but one, Doctor Raul Duke, will tell you this method is unhealthy but just know Doctor Duke’s prescription is the only suitable formula.
Anyone telling you otherwise will waste your time the way they’ve grown to waste theirs.
Say no to condoms.
Run from sobriety.
The only escape from this life is burning it all down.
That’s passion.
Be so lively when it comes time to rest your body on the ground for good, have your eyes be poison to the buzzards.
Those birds look to eat you regardless so give em’ something sick to cap it all off.



One thought on ““Lively Decadence” by Joe Randazzo

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