“We Drank In The Moon” by Jimmi Langemo

John Atkinson Grimshaw 1882

We Drank In The Moon

The workday was done.
We sat with our feet dangling
O’er the loading dock.

I had brought a beer
For each of us. “Nothing too
Hoppy,” He had said.

We sipped suds as the
Full moon rose high and bright, all
Chubby cheeks and smiles.

“Anything new to
Share?” my Friend asked with a grin,
Followed by a swig.

“I have something new –
A poem of sorts,” I said.
“Let’s hear it,” said He.

I set down my beer
And began to recite the
Lines I had written:

“It is nearly correct to say
I have nothing to gain,
But everything to lose.
It is almost spot-on to say
I have nothing to lose,
Because nothing is mine.
It is close to the Truth to say,
Even though I have nothing,
I need nothing to know Truth.
So beware anyone
Who tries to sell something.
Who sells? Who buys?
What’s bought? What’s sold?
Traps and snares at every turn,
And yet,

“Not bad,” said my Friend
When I had finished. “Try it
Again with no words.”

I set down my beer,
Pulled Him close and together
We drank in the moon.

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