“Lakes Above Thunders” by Hima Bindu Kopally


Lakes Above Thunders

So, have you seen his reflection across the lake?
The lake of harmony fleeting with benevolence.
Did you see the glint of lightning in his eye?
A tortuous smile and a thunderous influence.

The over-the-roof heart beat only made things worse,
not knowing how to deal with the transits yet.
The lake was quite a crossing if a must.
For, it had marked a region of his personality’s fret.

Did you ever put down the phone?
Only to believe no more
And ghoul over the memoirs
Over the photographic mind place and rooms?

A mic for the night
and the silence apart shriveled anesthesia.
Shred light so much!
But the darkness overpowered the looming love of euphoria.

A moment before holding hope;
after, felt sorts of a doomed loop.
Indeed the lake had power,
Causing an arrhythmia to the tower.

For the lightning struck the eye,
the thunder met the ears
And struck the lake too
Which shocked the towering man of boon

The moon shone, like an embodiment
of raw strings of woven wool.
It had more than two Souls fighting
under and above its witnessing light’s mull.

The lake, once a stranger
Stood still with bare raw emotion.
An Icy and unfiltered harangue broker
drenched the clouds of passion.

Guess the lake, will you?
Imagine the lake, shall you?
Now, visualize it in front of you.
It’s her, adorned in the tradition red of hue.

A man and a woman?
Was it the Greek Zeus and Eurynome you thought of?
Or of Roman mythology, or wait Egyptian?
Nature and mortals, fits and sorts of?


She, the lake
Drew an aura of iconoclastic love.
She, the lake
Gave him that reflection of merging above.

One thought on ““Lakes Above Thunders” by Hima Bindu Kopally

  1. Brian Tenneson says:

    Just had to say, this poem was really captivating!

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