“Logophilia” by Harnidh Kaur


‘Soliloquy’ is a beautiful word
Because it makes me twist
And turn my lips into syllables
That remind me of kisses and
Breathlessness, and ‘Darkling’
Reminds me that even the most
Inoffensive concepts can be spoken
Against, and ‘Melancholy’ makes
Me caress my mouth with my
Tongue, and shows me how, often,
Quandaries hide answers within
Themselves, and ‘Succinct’ is my
Favourite way to check if I’m drunk
Enough to make my favourite mistakes
And the fact that these words exist
In pages, just aching for me to use,
And wield like weapons, makes me
Happy because for every pain caused
I have a salve I can use to save myself.

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