“The Pearls of Aphrodite” by Brian Tenneson

The Pearls of Aphrodite

The Pearls of Aphrodite

as the glimmering moonlight loves the deep black ocean of night
under the jewels in the sky
showing me the depth of my own heart, effortlessly she
slides the outer layers off,
the daughter of adoration incarnate, her
beauty shining upon my fervent skin, warmth
knowing no match even in the depths of the sun

she, the moon and the stars, the radiance overwhelming
as a soothing, blessed peace overtakes
true to her word with the promise of bliss and love

the passport is in her hands, clasped with mine
we shall soon see what is to be:
everything falling into place
with a passionate embrace, she whispers to me
showing me the splendor of creation
showing her the splendor of the us,
the us that grows like the tree of life
alive are we, together we shall be
living in knowledge
living in love
they know no bounds in her

I am in heaven, witnessing how Aphrodite envies her

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