“You” by Mamta Madhavan



(to J)


I watched the burnt morning sun
struggle through the mist as it
chased the dew down the hills.

In my room, I tried putting down
your laughter on paper.
I looked outside to see a blue sky;
bluer than ever, that led me to search for
more blue hiding in the fescue grass.

Up there your giggles tailored the clouds
with curves and shapes as a handful of stars
coyly hid behind the brightness of the sun. As I
write this, your smile got stuck between the bamboo reeds.

Today I want to put down your laughter on paper
And I can’t. They just evade me like how they
find their way out of the bamboo shoots.


Mamta Madhavan’s oeuvre includes web content writing, book reviews, interviews, articles, and poetry. Her works have been published in various reputed journals and magazines worldwide. Much of the latter may be found at her blog www.gravidmoon@wordpress.com and her upcoming poetry collection Connecting the Dots. She incorporates vivid imagery into her writings influenced by nature, mysticism and spirituality. Her style of writing is mainly free verse.

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