“STET” by Kit Kennedy


Where come
the words we stumble upon?

All over the city it is known, concrete
a cover-up for dirt.

Much to be learned in the swirl,
non sequitur and metaphor.

For instance, to the Japanese
Mount Fuji, hawks, eggplants are lucky

dream subjects for the New Year.
Beginnings have a hand on the easer.

Today you witnessed a maroon car sliding through red.
A wink to what didn’t happen and that inspired

the novella.   Chunks of one-way cell conversation.
Girl in tears.

Of that girl, a voice of piercings.  ,
Can’t let go, can you?

Look up!
The sky is fashioned for raptures.

The word you seek finesse,  crows (parting light) translate
as meal.

What’s in your hand?  Friend, that is the symbol
for rodent.



Kit Kennedy co-authored Inconvenience (Littoral Press, Berkeley) and Constellations (Co-Lab Press, San Francisco) with Susan Gangel.  Beyond the Human Voice:  7 poems inspired by the art of Susan Black is available as an e-book.  While Eating Oysters is published by CLWN WR BKS, Brooklyn. (2012). Her work has appeared in Ambush Review, It’s Animal but Merciful, Pedestal Magazine, Runes,  and Van Gogh’s Ear, among others.  She lives in San Francisco. Please visit  www.poetrybites.blogspot.com.

One thought on ““STET” by Kit Kennedy

  1. Kit,,

    So lovely to see your work..
    Lynette Cloutier

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