“Worms Were Coming and Going” by Phillip Ward

Worms Were Coming and Going


worms were coming and going
in and out of the heated ground
glowing white slimy worms
jetting in and out of pre-made holes
readymade holes just for them
there were hundreds of them too
and rather ghostly worms indeed
but silently lying low among
the burnt stumps of trees and bushes
was a copperhead waiting to leap
and strike his viperous tongue
into the next wandering victim
coming along his charred path
everyone takes the path daily
but not today not today no
because the hill is burnt black
with white ashes gathered like snow
blanketing the bare rattled land
even still the snake stayed coiled
and ready with tongue to pounce
but i take note and gingerly mosey
on along as though i do not see
his camouflage against the wasted land
so without any sign of fear or alarm
beneath my feet i quickly move on
and maybe he will consume himself
then evaporate into the smoke
that wafts about his dying
worms were coming and going
and i move on to live once again


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