“What If” by Joe Oppedisano

What If


What if any one singular thing in the past would have been different, how would it have affected everything else that happened thereafter? It is obvious when you think of it in terms of what if I got that job, or what if I married Bob, but it even goes down to the slightest things you have no control over. like, what if your parents didn’t ever meet…or what if a different sperm cell got attached to the egg..instead of yours? You’d never even been here at all.

So you see, it’s all part of a greater thing. a bigger plan, or, maybe not plan, but a picture created by destiny. Every second, that destiny changes. It moves, becomes something else, makes you wiser, dumber, more instinctual, less trusting, more trusting, better skilled, or…any other zillionth of a way different than you are at this very second.

Everything happens for a reason.

That reason is to not only affect you and make you a better person, but it also affects every person, animal, insect, plant, everything, everything around you…if a fly buzzes around you, annoying your otherwise wonderful picnic, you swat it, it dies…maybe that was the lord of the flies, and so, all its constituents lives will change, maybe that bee that you killed with the bug zapper was supposed to pollinate a certain plant that now, will maybe never blossom the flower it was originally intended to create which was going to be the most beautifully perfect flower of its kind, ever…

Ya never know…

One thought on ““What If” by Joe Oppedisano

  1. Immaculate Oppedisano says:

    Very meaningful

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