A poem by Elizabeth Massie




Sing, silver-silent stars,
Sing this dear one to sleep;
For the day has been long and trying,
The tasks heavy and difficult.
Whisper, chalk-dust moon,
Whisper this precious spirit to rest.
For night is here, with offerings of
Stillness, patience, and recovery.
Surrender, sweet friend,
Surrender to the arms of gentle darkness
And drift into peaceful dreams,
Knowing that you are loved.



Elizabeth Massie is an award winning horror author and short fiction author. Her works Sineater and Stephen both gaining her Bram Stoker Awards. She has also written historical fiction for young adults, media tie-ins, and non-fiction for American History textbooks, educational readers, and testing programs. The preceding poem can be found in Night Benedictions: Gentle Thoughts, Poems, and Meditations For the End of the Day, due for release in print in late October 2014.

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