“Hydration and Ascension” by Laura Eklund

Hydration and Ascension


In the Roosevelt stain of the eye

the composition gets blown away.

The air is unbending

as the peach’s leaves turn greener.

In the deep gourds there were pigeons

that flew in high castles

with language we had left.

The river is less as the air breathes

turns green, then greener.

The brain is a chemical refuge

a place where stars define us

finding the pigeons burned with glass

closing the infertility of time.

We are like a synopsis of straw

the place where words meet language

and language meets the world.


Laura Eklund is an artist and poet. She lives and works in Olive Hill, Kentucky with the poet George Eklund. She has been writing poetry since she learned to read and write, which was about third grade when the words starting coming and forming themselves. She writes in order to breathe and survive. Her favorite things to do include reading and writing poetry and spending time with her family. She also paints. You can find out more about her at http://www.lauraeklund.org or follow her on Facebook at The Art of Laura Eklund. She has published in many journals including ABZ, Black Warrior Review, Southern Women’s Review, Pegasus, and Slipstream.

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