“Tony Curtis: Driven to Stardom” Available on VOD

"Tony Curtis: Driven To Stardom" (by Ian Ayres)

Today marks the digital release of Tony Curtis: Driven to Stardom, the definitive film about one of the silver screen’s most fascinating stars!

From his difficult childhood in the Bronx to his rise to international fame, Tony Curtis gives his most honest and intimate interview of all in a film that’s not only a biographical account of the legendary actor and his six-decade film career, but also an exploration into the universal concept of fame and its impact on Hollywood stars. Combining personal interviews from family, friends and co-stars (including Hugh Hefner, Theresa Russell, Harry Belafonte, Debbie Reynolds, Mamie Van Doren, John Gilmore, Sally Kellerman, Nicolas Roeg and Jill Curtis), filmmaker Ian Ayres forms some incredible material into a revealing portrait of one of Hollywood’s greatest legends.

This feature-length film is now available in North America on the following platforms: iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, YouTube (TVOD), Vudu, XBox and Sony Entertainment Network (Playstation).

Available on Vudu at http://www.vudu.com/movies/#!content/512966

To rent or own from Amazon please see here.

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