“Existence, Example and Eccentricities” by Jen Karetnick



Existence, Example and Eccentricities


Two floors down

and one wing over,

a maid, in snow-white

armor and mild-

tempered faith—

a muffled trouble—

reduced large portions

of men to size

with little application.

Not-so-good ensued.

It wasn’t the girl’s

fault. This isn’t the press.

An ancient state of mind

must be forgiven.


Note: This is a found poem from the Pulitzer Prize-winning work, Advise and Consent, originally created for the “Pulitzer Remix” National Poetry Month challenge website. The poem was only available for viewing for April, 2013.

Jen Karetnick is the author of three poetry chapbooks, the latest of which is Landscaping for Wildlife (BigWonderful Press, December 2012). Her work has appeared widely in print and online in Barrow Street, Blood Lotus, Cimarron Review, Cleaver Magazine, Georgetown Review, Gravel Mag, North American Review, and River Styx, among others. She works as the Creative Writing Director for Miami Arts Charter School and a freelance food-travel writer and critic for several national and regional publications, including MIAMI Magazine, Relish, 10Best/USA Today, and Vegas Player.


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