“Blood & Sand” by Jeremy Tolbert

Blood & Sand

I sit against the wind
with my back hunched over,
as if I’m swinging against a tightrope
high above the vacant sea.

All alone,

I am left out in the cold.
My bones break against the rocks

until the darkest part of my soul
tries to escape the deep end
of my mind.

I lay down words of
what I see in front of me.
One, two, three…
I countdown the final moments
before I am pulled away.
With my heart torn apart

by the tears that pour out of me,
I fall back into the mouth
of the deep blue sea.


Jeremy Tolbert is a poet and writer from Seattle, WA. He has written for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer online,  and is also a contributing writer for the online magazine, Having a Whiskey Coke With You.  He has penned the poetry collection Scribbling’s from a Beer-Stained Napkin and is in the process of completing a second collection entitled Talking with the Devil About Love , coming early 2014 by University Bookstore Press. These pieces will be included in his second book.


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