” A Life” by Aman Mittal

A Life

Touch it, it won’t shrink

As an eyeball does

Feel it, you can only feel

The feelings inside you,

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow,

Sometime it’s a landscape view

Blue stream of water

In between the hills

Day in, Day out

Followed by a bright sun,

Sometime it’s a portrait

Hanging on a wall

No movement and very still

A beautiful face

Wearing a set of pearls,

Else, you cannot drag it

Nor can you draw it

On a sheet of paper,

It has no shadow of its own

But reckons the one you have

Nor it can breathe

But breathe with your lungs

Nor it can see

But see through your eyes

Nor it can feel

But feels everything you touch


The Life is you.


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