An Interview with Ian Ayres


Writer/Director/Producer Ian Ayres produces documentaries with an edgy honesty that is hard to beat. From The Jill & Tony Curtis Story, The Universe of Keith Haring, Five Roads to Freedom: From Apartheid to the World Cup and several others he has covered a wide array of subjects with clarity and taste. Most recently Ian directed Tony Curtis: Driven to Stardom. Featuring interviews with people who knew Curtis well (Mamie Van Doren, John Gilmore, Hugh Hefner, Harry Belafonte and others) along with film extracts, archive footage and rare photos that highlight his life and career, it gives fans a respectful glimpse into what made Tony Curtis a legend of the silver screen. This film premiered at the 7th Annual Jewish Film Festival in Los Angeles. It was an honor to sit down with Ian Ayres and talk about his body of work to date. Ian’s work can be found at…

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One thought on “An Interview with Ian Ayres

  1. Tina Hall says:

    Love this interview. It is my favorite…ever! 🙂

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